Professional Document Filing Service Inc. (PDFS), is a virtual alternative document service provider.
Our team of qualified professional’s assist offices with burgeoning caseloads.

Additionally, extending services to the self-driven, pro se filer(s) that rather handle matters themselves, only wanting documents professionally prepared. Whom have solely decided they do not need, and or, cannot afford representation of costly counsel.

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All paperwork required to file professionally prepared and court ready documents at affordable prices!!

Payment plans available.

All documents are professionally drafted typically within 24 to 72 hours and
3 hours for “Emergency Filings” for court ready documents to be filed in the perspective courthouse nearest you.

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“We are federally designated to assist people with the filing of petitions in Debt Relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.”

We help stop all of the following creditor's actions:

Car Boot
Credit Card Debt
Utility Shut-off
Driver’s License Suspension For Parking Tickets or Judgments
Wage Garnishment
Bill Collectors

Harassing Telephone Calls
Deductions For Past Due Child Support
Short Sales
All Creditors’ Actions

All official forms required for filing bankruptcy are prepared and court ready at affordable prices!!
We are not attorneys. We do not offer legal advice.

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We offer filing assistance in the following areas:

Divorce Responses
Step Parent Adoption
Child Custody
Name Change
Restoration of Gun Rights
Record Expunction

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Foreclosure Prevention

Expect the highest quality virtual service saving you time and money. We provide the results that deliver many options for property owners facing foreclosure or are behind on mortgage payments. We like helping homeowners regain solace and peace of mind. PDFS offer clients the following services:

Mortgage Modification
Principal Reduction Assistance
Foreclosure Forbearance
Short Sale
Mortgage Assistance

Please use the loan modification form below to delay your foreclosure today:

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